Top 10 Ways To Use A Body Hair Trimmer

Top 10 Ways To Use A Body Hair Trimmer

Once a man embarks on an effective personal care regimen with the proper body hair trimmer, there’s no going back. 


Top 10 Ways To Use A Body Hair Trimmer

If you’re new to men’s grooming, let’s break it down. You can, essentially, use a body hair trimmer anywhere you happen to grow hair. Whether your aim is for a dolphin-like bodily smoothness, or you just want to tidy up “down there”, there’s a trimmer for that. 

The spike in male body hair removal in recent years isn't surprising given the benefits to personal hygiene as well as the advancement of trimming tools that make the process quicker and safer.

Whether you want to enhance your hard-earned muscle definition, or you trim to woo a discerning romantic partner, know that the taboo around men’s body-hair removal is no more. Whatever your body-hair preferences are, go for it. Groom wherever you like, but consider the value of mapping out a plan because a man of action is always prepared. 

Here are our top 10 ways to use a body hair trimmer:

#1: Facial Hair

Electric hair trimmers are great for achieving a totally smooth face, or you can trim to maintain your beard. 

Our body hair trimmer allows you to safely trim from head to toe with adjustable guide combs that allow you to choose your preferred hair length. 

Using The Trimmer is simple: 

  1. Connect the Trimmer’s two parts with the blade side up.
  2. Press the cutters back until you hear a click.
  3. Choose a comb to achieve your desired length.
  4. Replace your blades every three to four months or so.

#2: Eyebrow Hair 

A word to the wise: poorly-executed eyebrow grooming can seriously thin out your brows, so proceed mindfully––because those suckers may not totally grow back if you miscalculate. 

Many men groom their eyebrows, but if you’re not going to see an esthetician for this service, your best bet is our Up-Here Trimmer

We customized this trimmer’s unique cutter head design to remove hair in small, harder-to-reach places that require added precision and control, so it’s perfect for painlessly shaping and cleaning up the eyebrow area. 

#3: Ear Hair

We designed The Up-Here Trimmer to remove ear and nose hairs without snags or tugging. Plucking hurts and can cause hair follicle infections, and you risk painful poking or cuts with scissors. 

Since you probably prefer tuft-free ears and nostrils, this smaller, lightweight, and waterproof trimmer is a fantastic investment for small hair removal jobs.

#4: Your Head

Shaving your head is both punk rock and practical. If you’ve got a hairline receding into oblivion, shorter is better. 

The Trimmer’s two guide combs allow you to choose your desired length, so you can either trim to keep the sides tight or shave all the way for a totally smooth, super cool, and no f**ks left look. 

#5: Chest Hair

Many men love a smooth chest, and shaving does have a way of making muscle definition pop. 

While some men choose to wax, we say skip the pain and the expense and invest in The Trimmer. With our adjustable guide combs and premium ceramic blades, you can go as smooth as you want to minus cuts, pulling, or painful waxing. Win-win.

#6: Back Hair

Yes, there are body hair trimmers made for solo shavers who want to tame their back hair. 

If you’re ready to get that back hair situation under control, you can use The Trimmer with a shaving buddy (because body hair removal is bonding, right?), or buy a back hair shaver if you’re shy. 

#7: Arm Hair

Many men have their reasons for shaving their limbs. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or you just love a hair-free bod, The Trimmer is perfect for shaving or trimming your arm hair. And it’s waterproof, so you can use it wet or dry.

#8: Pubic Hair

Clearly, we’re huge fans of trimming below the belt, but using the right tool for your private parts is key. This is the last place on your body where you want poorly executed technique or subpar equipment. 

We designed our body hair shaver to navigate your nether regions with exquisite sensitivity while shaving as smooth as you want to go. 

#9 Butt Hair

Whether you’re sporting a bit of posterior fuzz or full-on hairy carpet coverage, trimming can easily thin out your butt hair. 

Choose a guide comb to achieve your preferred length, and use it on either wet or dry skin for a smooth shave that won’t result in painful, next-day stubble. 

#10: Leg Hair

Whether for sports, bodybuilding, showcasing tattoos, or personal preference, more men are shaving their legs than ever before. The stigma around men’s grooming has lessened significantly in recent years, and how you care for your body and its aesthetic is all about what feels good to you. Pick and choose where you like to groom and trim or shave to your heart’s content. 

Once a man embarks on an effective personal care regimen, there’s no going back. The ritualistic nature of a regular trimming protocol brings a satisfying structure to your routine, while the results just feel good. While you might be wondering how you managed to go through life without knowing the joys of intimate hygiene sooner, you’re here now, so welcome to the proverbial club. 



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