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Komdu í veg fyrir inngróin hár eða rispur eftir rakvéla blaðið með The Trimmer

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Það getur Ekki Skaðað Að Prófa. Bókstaflega...

Cuts and pulls are a thing of the past thanks to our sensitive-shaver technology. Never fear bleeding or injury again. The waterproof Meridian Trimmer offers 6,000 strokes per minute to effectively and safely maintain your below the belt area.

meridian ball spray

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Put an end to ingrown hairs and razor burn

The trimmer's precise blades shave close enough to trim hair without cutting, pulling, or irritating the skin, so you can say goodbye to razor burn and pimples. Our waterproof trimmer can be used safely in the tub or shower. Add a few drops of our witch hazel infused spray after shaving for soothing skin comfort.

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Improve Your Hygiene Routine

Il est plus facile de garder votre entrejambe propre quand il y a moins de poils qui recouvrent votre peau. Une enquête récente a révélé qu'environ 60 % des femmes et des hommes taillent pour l'hygiène et la propreté, donc si vous débutez dans le rasage de cette zone, sachez que vous n'êtes pas seul. Offrez-vous une coupe pour une fraîcheur que vous pourrez ressentir.

meridian ball spray

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Trim Anywhere And Stay Cool

You deserve to feel your best all year round, and trimming is a great way to prepare for vacations and special events. Meridian makes your full body shaving routine a snap. With our travel kit and a set of handy accessories, your on-the-go maintenance just got a little easier.

meridian ultimate package

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Waterproof Trimmer Is More Comfortable

The waterproof and rust resistant design of The Trimmer means you can safely trim the jungle on wet or dry skin. Whether you like to dress up in the shower or after a bath, you can trim yourself in total comfort.

meridian ball spray

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Improve Your Hygiene Routine

Whether you like basic trimming or the perfect head-to-toe grooming, we've got the ultimate pack for your personal grooming regimen. Our expertly selected packs provide everything you need for a stellar maintenance experience at home or on the go. Our packs include nail kits, trimmer and spray, Lumin skin care, and more.

meridian ultimate package