The Skins


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*Virðisaukaskattur innifalinn

Lífgaðu upp á rakvélina þína með nýrri vöru frá Meridian - The Skins hulstur.

Virkar eingöngu á The Trimmer.

Skin color: Ocean skin
  • Vörulýsing

    Easy-to-grip silicone sleeves protect your Trimmer and are convenient to hang in the shower with the attached handle. Wanting to switch up your trimmer, experiment with a fun pattern or give a gift to your grooming obsessed friend? Want to make sure yours in unmistakably yours?

    The Meridian Skins offer new colors and patterns in a soft to the touch silicone material that is easy to grab and hold in the hand. We switch up if we’re Bare, Buzz or Bush so why not switch up the tool with it.

  • Kostir

    - Hágæða sílikon fyrir þægilegt grip.
    - Vatnshelt
    - Auðvelt að setja á og taka af rakvélinni.
    - Hægt að hengja upp í sturtunni með handfangi sem fylgir með.
    - Hægt að nota á The trimmer rakvélina frá Meridian.
    - Verndar rakvélina gegn hnjaski.

  • Hvað er í kassanum

    1 x Silicone sleeve with built in handle

  • How to

    • Step 1: Remove the ceramic blade and set aside
    • Step 2: Align the Skin to the trimmer and begin to slide on from the top of the Skin
    • Step 3: Shimmy the Skin up the Trimmer pulling from the top of the Skin, put some elbow grease into it. Make sure all the charging ports are clear.
    • Step 4: Reattach your blade and get to grooming!
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Algengar Spurningar

  • Does the skin fit all Meridian Trimmers?

    The Skins are compatible with The Trimmer Premium & Trimmer Original. Unfortunately they will not fit the Trimmer Plus.