The Up-Here Trimmer

The Up-Here Trimmer

7.890 kr

(Tax included)

*Tax included

Rechargeable ear and nose hair trimmer.

Trimmer color: Sage
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Product Overview

    Here’s the low down on the Up-Here Trimmer. This premium ear & nose hair trimmer has a unique 3-dimensional arch cutter head that captures hair from all directions with zero pain or tugging. It can be thrown into your gym bag, purse, cape pocket, toiletry pouch, that hidden compartment in your kilt… you get the point. This lightweight tool is the perfect nose and ear trimmer to take on the go, and still packs heavyweight results.

  • Benefits

    • Don't sweat if you get it wet! This ear and nasal hair trimmer is waterproof
    • Switch on the auxillary light for precision trimming
    • Enjoy up to 30 minutes of trimming time before you recharge

  • What's in the box

    • The Up-Here Trimmer

    • 1 replaceable cutter head

    • Cleaning brush

    • USB Charger

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I use the Up-Here Trimmer?

    The Up Here Trimmer is designed to help you trim all of those heard to reach places.
    It’s primarily used to clean up the hair in your nose & ears.

  • What is the cutter head made of?

    Our Up-Here Trimmer head is designed with a ABS + stainless steel blade, which is made for both flexibility and durability.

  • How do I connect my new cutter head?

    To attach your cutter head, connect the two parts of the Up-Here Trimmer with the blade-side facing up and press the cutters back until you hear a click.